Getting ready for the 2021-22 school year

Start dates for 2021-22
Posted on 07/07/2021

It’s hard to believe that the start of the 2021-22 school year is just a few weeks away, and we at InspireNOLA are excited to have ALL our students return to in-person learning this year!

As always, student and staff safety is our priority. We will be following the guidelines established by federal and state governments as well as NOLA Public Schools for returning to school. You can read more about these measures below. 

While we are returning to our pre-covid days of in-person learning, extra-curricular activities, lunches in the cafeteria, etc., we also realize that we are not returning to “normal.” That “normal” no longer exists. Our city, our world, in fact, has changed during the last year. We acknowledge the pandemic has greatly impacted some of our students, families, and staff, and that some students may need time to adjust. Rest assured, we will extend grace, love, and patience to all as we once again figure out what our “new normal” is for the 2021-22 school year. Remember, we are always stronger together!

Start Date For Students

All InspireNOLA students will return to school IN-PERSON the week of August 2 according to the schedule below:

  • Monday, August 2: 6th-8th grade, 12th graders return
  • Tuesday, August 3: 3rd-5th, 10-11th graders return 
    • Includes 6th-8th grade, 12th graders
  • Wednesday, August 4: 1st-2nd, 9th graders return
    • Includes all 1st -12th graders
  • Thursday, August 5: Kindergarten returns
    • All K-12th graders
  • Friday, August 6: PreK returns
    • All students in attendance

Bus schedules will be posted on your school’s website as soon as they are finalized.

School supply lists are available on your school’s website.

If you have not completed registration for your student, please contact your school or the InspireNOLA Parent Center as soon as possible to finalize the process.


COVID-19 Safety Measures

InspireNOLA schools will be following the guidance of NOLA Public Schools for COVID safety measures this fall. 



Vaccines against the virus that causes COVID-19 are promising because of the potential to decrease rates of disease, hospitalization, and death. All eligible unvaccinated students (age 12 and older) are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. The city has a list of vaccination locations anyone can access. We encourage all eligible InspireNOLA students and their families to get vaccinated in order to protect yourselves and each other.

Mask use

If a student/staff member is fully vaccinated, they may choose whether or not to wear a mask. Masks will still be required for any student/staff member who is NOT fully vaccinated. NOLA-PS is requiring that schools track the vaccination status of all students and staff members and verify the status of anyone requesting the ability to remove masks.

Please note: Masks are still required:

  • when riding a school bus, regardless of vaccination status
  • for all attendees at indoor spectator events, regardless of vaccination status


There is no maximum capacity number for classrooms, and school buses will operate at full occupancy.

Student Groupings

Classes may take place in static groups with minimal social distancing requirements or in groups with changing composition, maintaining 3 feet of social distance from other students and 6 feet of social distance from adults.

Extra-curricular activities

All sports, clubs, and student activities, including field trips, will resume this school year.


  • Daily temperature checks are no longer required.
  • Students can dine in their school cafeterias.
  • Classrooms are no longer required to be static; students can return to transitioning between classes. 

























































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