School-Based Athletic Director

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About InspireNOLA 
As the highest performing open-admission charter network in the city of New Orleans, InspireNOLA is working to inspire and transform an educational movement where students can develop the academic and personal skills necessary to be prepared for college, their community, and the world. InspireNOLA currently operates seven public charter schools and educates over 5,600 students, the majority of whom are African American and qualify for free or reduced lunch. With a focus on providing outstanding instruction and differentiated support to meet the needs of all students, InspireNOLA is achieving outstanding results and is a model for excellence within the education community. The work of our team makes a profound and enduring contribution to the revitalization of New Orleans.

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Position Summary
The School-Based Athletic Director is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of athletic activities. These responsibilities include developing and managing the department's budget, hiring coaches, managing athletics schedules, promoting athletic activities and events, and tracking team academic progress and student-athlete eligibility. The Athletic Director will also liaise with sports conference or division administrators on the department's behalf. The Athletic Director also provides leadership in the development, organization, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of the athletic programs. The School-Based Athletic Director must be able to work collaboratively to lead and nurture members of the staff and to communicate effectively with parents, members of the community, and colleagues in other districts and schools. The School-Based Athletic Director is responsible for initiation and management of a comprehensive athletic program that achieves the goals and objectives of the athletic programs and the network.  The athletic director serves as a leader and catalyst.  All details essential to the success of meeting the mission statement and goals of athletics as defined require the efforts an individual committed to the ideals of sportsmanship, respect, accountability and honesty. The School-Based Athletic Director reports to the InspireNOLA Schools Director of Athletics and the school site principal. 

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities 
Providing guidance and direction for a school’s sports program
Preparing budgets and allocating spending on items such as coaches' salaries, team travel, equipment purchases, and facility upkeep with the Chief of Schools or designee
Coordinating with coaches about the scheduling of games and practices
Collaborating with LHSAA districts and leagues about scheduling issues
Review all varsity sport LHSAA eligibility folders to ensure student-athlete eligibility for successful competition seasons and to ensure LHSAA compliance
Speaking with district officials about subjects such as postseason play
Scheduling and organizing the time allocated for a field, court, or weight room
Coordinating officials and umpires at games and budgeting for their pay
Holds organizational meetings for team prospects and encourages potential athletes to participate in the sport, in the absence of the Head Coach
Review varsity coach’s practice schedule and organizes practice time to provide both individual and team development. 
Observes varsity teams during competition and practice to determine the needs for individual or team improvement. 
Follows established procedures in the event of an athlete’s injury with athletic training partner. 
Follows state, regional, and district regulations governing the athletic program. 
Models sports-like behavior and maintains appropriate conduct towards players, officials, and spectators. 
Works with the principal and school academic designee to create policy for awards and submits a list of award winners at the end of the season. 
Participates in special activities to include parent’s night, banquets, award nights, and pep assemblies. 
Reviews with all head coach eligibility forms, emergency data cards, insurance records, equipment inventory, and other related records. 
Attends staff development meetings, clinics, and other professional activities to improve coaching performance. 
Manage all coaches and insure achievement of goals and objectives.
Nurture and manage a comprehensive sports program which encourages participation from all students in the school.
Provide sufficient staff and security supervision for spectator control.
Inform students and adult spectators of the rules.
Encourage sportsmanship.
Insure that all facilities and equipment are safe for the use of all concerned.
Insure that all facilities and equipment are properly taken care of.
Conduct regular staff and coaches’ meetings that will inform and review the goals, objectives and mission of the athletic programs of the network.
Arrange for uniformed law enforcement officers to be on duty for games as necessary.
  Provide administrative supervision at game sites.
  Regularly inform Head of School and other administrators on program status and any problems that occur.
Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Principal or COS’s designee.
Position Qualifications & Competencies 
Qualifications align to LHSAA Handbook Section 3.3.1(3&4)
Must be a member of the school’s staff.
Belief in the mission and values of InspireNOLA; 
Experience as an athletic director, athletic coach or assistant coach at the high school or college level (preferred); 
Must possess effective coaching techniques and skills; 
Must possess a thorough knowledge of the rules, regulations, strategies, and techniques of the sport; 
Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school administrators, parents, and students.

Compensation & Benefits
Salary for this position is competitive and depends on prior experience. A comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as TRSL, our employee retirement contribution, is included. 

InspireNOLA is an equal opportunity employer and an organization that values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. People from all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Spanish language proficiency is a plus.   


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