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InspireNOLA Q&A Re: Coronavirus and School Closure

Updated: 4/9/20, 3pm

1. How long will school be closed?
Governor Edwards extended school closures statewide. As a result, all of our schools and support office will remain closed until at least April 30. These closures include the cancellation of all athletics, activities, clubs and events. 
This extension followed the initial order to close schools from March 16 to April 13. We will inform all stakeholders immediately if there are any changes or updates to this return date. 

2. Will schools be closed the rest of the school year?

We do not know at this time. We are waiting for further guidance from the state and Louisiana Department of Education on when schools will be reopened and what this means for the remainder of this school year.

3. Who can I contact if I have a general question?

If you have a general information question, please call 504-227-3057 or email
Please contact your school leader if you have specific questions:
Alice Harte: 
Dwight Eisenhower:
Andrew Wilson: 
McDonogh 42:
Edna Karr: 
Eleanor McMain: 
McDonogh 35: 

4. How can I retrieve my student’s medications and personal items?
Medication pickups occurred from Wednesday, March 18 through Friday, March 20. If you did not retrieve your child’s medication during that time, please contact Harold Juluke ( to arrange an individual pickup day/time. 
All schools are being deep cleaned at this time, and no outside individuals are allowed into the school buildings. Parents should contact their school leader and describe in detail what personal item(s) they wish to retrieve; the school leader will then inform the parent of when the item may be retrieved once the buildings are clean and safe to enter. 

5. How will the students make up the weeks of missed school? Are we going to have to make up these days, or will school be extended a month? 
The Louisiana Department of Education has advised that the required instructional time has been suspended and will not have to be made up. Once additional information becomes available, we will provide updates through the InspireNOLA website and InspireNOLA social media channels.

Student Experiences 
6. What about graduations?
All InspireNOLA graduations are held at Xavier University’s Convocation Center. The facility director has told us that they will be evaluating April and May events shortly and will contact InspireNOLA as decisions are made. 
Additionally, on March 16, 2020, Governor John Bel Edwards issued a proclamation that gatherings of more than 10 individuals are banned until further notice. Given this proclamation, InspireNOLA will not be allowed to hold graduations until the ban is lifted. InspireNOLA is also investigating other potential options to commemorate and celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating Class of 2020. 

7. Will events like prom be rescheduled?
Events like prom are a memorable experience for our students. Once a return date has been determined, we will evaluate the situation and work with high schools to consider options.

8. What about Spring Break?
Given the circumstances, InspireNOLA has decided to extend Spring Break, which will now be from Friday, April 10th through Wednesday, April 15th. Teachers and school support staff will not hold virtual “office hours” or online instruction during Spring Break, but food distribution will still occur. 

9. Are school events, athletics, field trips, and other trips canceled?
The current closure includes all InspireNOLA athletics, activities, clubs, and events. All field trips and other scheduled trips (i.e. senior trips) during this statewide mandated closure are canceled.

10. Will I receive a refund from my child’s scheduled field trip or senior trip?
Our school business managers/finance clerks are working directly with companies to obtain refunds for trips that were already paid for and had to be canceled. We will provide further information and specifics regarding refunds at a later date. 

11. Where can my child go to receive food during school closure?
There are multiple locations across the city and available to anyone under 18 years of age and those who currently attend a public school. Information about citywide food distribution, please visit
InspireNOLA has two food distribution sites. “Grab and go” breakfast and lunch are available on Mondays and Wednesday from 9am to 12pm from:  
Alice M. Harte Charter School McDonogh 35 Senior High School
5300 Berkley Drive               4000 Cadillac St.
New Orleans, LA 70131 New Orleans, LA 70122

12. What if I need help with meals beyond the "Grab and Go" distribution?
If you need meal assistance beyond our "Grab and Go" distribution, the Second Harvest Food Bank is assisting the Greater New Orleans community. The Food Bank is located at 700 Edwards Avenue in New Orleans. 

13. Do I have to pay for the "Grab and Go" meals?
No. This is a free service.

14. Who can receive meals and does my child have to be with me?
It is open to all children ages 18 and under or anyone currently enrolled in a K-12 school. At this time, your child does not have to be with you.

15. Can I volunteer to help with meal distribution? 

No volunteers are needed at this time. We appreciate the support, but it's best to limit the people involved in the process. We will reach out if we need help in the future.

Academics & Learning
16. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding Special Education?
If you have a question regarding special education, please call Dianne Lewis at or 504-330-0062. 

17. We are supposed to get report cards soon. Where do I see my child's grade?
Report cards will not be mailed. Parents can view their child’s grades via the PowerSchool website ( or the PowerSchool app on your phone. 
If you need assistance with your login or password, contact your school data manager if you need assistance:
Alice Harte: 
Dwight Eisenhower:
Andrew Wilson: 
McDonogh 42:
Edna Karr: 
Eleanor McMain: 
McDonogh 35: 

18. What does this mean for my child’s grades?
You can view your child’s current grades via the PowerSchool website ( or the PowerSchool app on your phone. We are still awaiting further guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education on how students' grades will be affected by the school closures.

19. Will my child be promoted to the next grade for the 2020-2021 school year?
We are still awaiting further guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education on how this will be affected by the school closures. However, please complete to complete all assignments for Quarter 4 and submit to your child’s teacher(s).

20. During the school closure, are you going to offer distance learning?
InspireNOLA is offering work assignments to students in PreK-2nd grades through the InspireNOLA website,, and online assignments via Google classroom for students 3rd-12th grades while schools are closed. 
Assignments will count as 4th quarter grades and will be considered when making promotional decisions. 
Teachers will be available via email to answer questions. Parents can also reach out to school leaders with questions: 
Alice Harte: 
Dwight Eisenhower:
Andrew Wilson: 
McDonogh 42:
Edna Karr: 
Eleanor McMain: 
McDonogh 35: 

21. What if I don’t have Internet access at home?
Limited income households can apply for free or low cost internet access through AT&T Access, Cox Connect2Compete, and CenturyLink Lifeline. Charter Communications will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 students who do not already have a subscription. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395.

22. What if my student attends college classes (dual enrollment)?
Students who are enrolled in dual enrollment college classes should follow the guidelines and instructions set by the college or university. If you have questions regarding dual enrollment, please reach out to Dr. Juaquana Lewis at 

23. Will LEAP testing be rescheduled?
No, LEAP testing will not be rescheduled. As of March 20, 2002, BESE approved the Louisiana Department of Education’s state assessment waiver request and will not require standardized testing for the 2019-2020 school year.

24. What if my student is a graduating senior and needs to take the EOC for promotion? 
As of March 20, 2020, all state assessments - including the EOC - have been waived by the US Department of Education. (Please see here for the announcement.) 

25. What if my student is enrolled in an AP course? When will he/she take the AP test?
AP exams will be administered remotely through a secure access link provided by The College Board. AP exams test dates will range between May 11th- May 22nd. Your child’s school and AP teachers will provide AP test prep, as well as specific instructions for testing. 
AP testing will occur at home, and students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam. The test will include only open response questions adapted for secure at home testing, and not any multiple-choice questions. Taking a photo of handwritten work for submission of the exam will also be an option. 
More information from the College Board is available here

26. Will ACT testing be rescheduled?
The LDOE has advised it is working with ACT to identify new dates for testing windows for the previously scheduled March 17, 2020, which have been canceled due to the school closures. The April 4, 2020, national test date has been rescheduled for June 13, 2020. ACT says all students registered for the April 4 test date will receive an email in the coming days informing them of the postponement and instruction for free rescheduling to June 13 or a future national test date.

27. Will SAT testing be rescheduled?
College Board has canceled the May 2, 2020, SAT administration. Makeup exams for the March 14 SAT (rescheduled for March 28) are also canceled. Students who already registered for May, whose March test centers were closed, or who do not receive March scores because of any irregularities will receive refunds per College Board.

28. Who can I contact regarding support with FAFSA, college applications, transcripts, credit recovery, and/or social/emotional concerns?
High school counselors will be available to provide phone/email/virtual support on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during office hours from 9am-11am. Please reach out to your student’s counselor: 
Edna Karr: 
- 9th graders: Tiffany Henderson,
- 10th graders: Royce Hooks,
- 11th graders: Neisha Riley,
- 12th graders: Sundy Barjon,
Eleanor McMain:
- 9th and 10th graders: Winston Turner, 
- 11th graders: Dwyn Turner,
- 12th graders: Shontell Dollioe,
McDonogh 35: 
- 9th graders with last name A-L and 11th graders: Alicia Foucha, 
- 9th graders with last name M-Z and 12th graders: Gail Winsey, 
29. I am an InspireNOLA employee. Do I still report to work?
All employees are on call and should follow the direction of their direct supervisor. All employees are expected to check, read, and respond to emails within 24 hours. 

30. Will InspireNOLA employees still be paid while the district is closed?
Yes. All InspireNOLA employees will still be paid their regular salary for the time the district is closed. If employees have individual questions regarding their pay, please contact Charlie Mackles at

31. Are InspireNOLA school and support buildings open at this time?
InspireNOLA school and support buildings are closed to the general public at this time.

32. Who do I reach out to if I have human resources questions?
Please email with any questions. 

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