Our Mission

 Teacher posing in hallway

 The mission of InspireNOLA Charter Schools is to transform and inspire an educational movement.

Defying the odds and starting an education revolution requires teachers and staff who aren’t afraid to be innovative and unique in their thoughts, actions, and methodology. 

Teaching isn’t solely about the curriculum, though academic success is and will always remain our number one focus. It is also about inspiring our students by exposing them to opportunities and to others reflective of them who have done great things for themselves and their communities. It’s opening them up to possibilities they haven’t dreamt of.

It is about changing the status quo. It’s engaging students in meaningful lessons both in and out of the classroom. It’s about including the community in the process. It’s about a city coming together to secure the future the youth of New Orleans deserve.

Together we will help our city’s children defy the odds and become the great future leaders we need. 


We exist to inspire the children of our city through education to maximize their potential and transform society.


The school day does not end at 3 p.m. for InspireNOLA staff. We are continuously striving to make sure every child is successful.


We are committed to helping all of our children bring their dreams to fruition.

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