Teacher Referral Program Guidelines

The purpose of the referral program is to provide an incentive to attract qualified applicants to our organization. We are looking for people who are innovative, reflective, hard-working, and who are committed to student-focused results and personal/professional development. 

InspireNOLA welcomes referrals from InspireNOLA employees and community members. The first person to refer a teacher ultimately hired by InspireNOLA will receive a $250 referral bonus, subject to the guidelines below. If you are not a current InspireNOLA employee see the section titled Additional Guidelines for External Referrals.

1. The referral bonus is primarily for referring full-time teachers. We welcome referrals for other positions and will consider bonus payouts only during designated months for non-teaching positions.  

2. Once a teacher is hired and completes 90 calendar days of service, the employee who referred that teacher will receive the bonus, less withholdings for applicable taxes and deductions. 

3. Employees must complete the referral form, and submit all required fields, to be eligible for the bonus. The referral form can be found in (3) locations:

a.) On ADP, under forms, the guidelines and the referral form can be found in the “Talent and Human Resource” Section.

b.) On https://www.inspirenolacharterschools.org/, under “Work With Us”.

c.) The link will be sent weekly in the “InspireNOLA Insider” communication from our CEO.

4. Informal recommendations, e-mails to school leaders or staff members, and conversations that are not captured in the referral form do not qualify as official referral submissions. All referrals must be submitted directly to the Talent Recruitment Team via the official InspireNOLA referral program form at Referral Bonus Link. Referrals submitted to any other person or team (i.e. a school leader, leadership team, or grade team) or through another forum (e.g. email or text) are not eligible for the bonus.

5. If more than one person refers a teaching candidate to InspireNOLA, the referral bonus will be awarded to the first official referral received, as noted by the date/time the referral form was submitted. 

6. The referral must be in the portal prior to Talent Team or School’s initial contact with the potential new hire.   

7. The following employees are not eligible to receive the referral bonus; however, we will reward the referrer with exclusive InspireNOLA swag: 

a.) Anyone whose job requirements directly relate to the placement or hiring of teachers at InspireNOLA, including Principals/Heads of School, Assistant/Academy Principals, Instructional Coaches, Human Capital team members, etc.

b.) Directors and Chiefs and other IST team members whose jobs directly involve the hiring of employees. 

8. The following referrals will NOT result in a referral bonus payout; however, we will reward the referrer with exclusive InspireNOLA swag:

a.) TeachNOLA or TFA candidates

b.) Candidates in the active employment/interview process.

c.) Current employees of a charter school that will be joining the InspireNOLA network in the following school year. 

d.) Former InspireNOLA employees whose last day of employment was less than 2 years from the date of the referral.

9. There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses that an individual may receive.                                                           

Additional Guidelines for External Referrals:

To participate in the External Referral Program:

o You must be an individual person (not a business entity) and a legal resident of the United States who is at least 18 years of age.

o You cannot be associated with or a consultant of a staffing/recruiting agency.

o You cannot refer yourself.

Your referral candidate:

o The External Referrer must notify the candidate that InspireNOLA recruiters may be in touch to discuss opportunities in our network. We may use your name when reaching out to the referral.

Follow this link to begin the referral process: Referral Bonus Link

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