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Our Special Sauce
+Academic Model
+Community Involvement
+Holistic Engagement
+Academic Recognition

Teacher instructing Harte Students

 Academic Model

Innovation hour: Elementary classes are stratified based on data; instruction in specific subject and standards based on strength and weaknesses; personalized learning as well
Continuous professional development weekly: At InspireNOLA, we follow the TAP model, which provides ongoing PD, including cluster meetings, observations, and feedback.
Rigor and engagement: We believe in doing things with excellence, therefore we focus on rigorous instructional content and high student engagement in lessons and learning.
Community Involvement
External programming – We believe learning extends beyond the classroom. We as a network regularly partner with community organizations to give students opportunities to make connections with the influencers in our community as well as take an active leadership role of their own through events such as The Rally for Excellence. We encourage teachers to be innovative with ways to expand lessons beyond the school walls and are supportive to making these initiatives come to life. 
Neighborhood engagements: Our schools have strong PTO organizations and alumni organizations that take an active role in the school and are invested in our scholars.  Several community organizations routinely partner with us for everything from food drives to college prep assistance, from offering mentoring to internships. 
Holistic Engagement
Wraparound services: We believe in nourishing the whole child. Our schools employ nurses, deans, social workers, counselors, and other support staff to provide non-academic services to students, so they can be focused on their academic success. 
PBIS: We believe in promoting the positives that students are doing, rather than always correcting the negative. This often includes biweekly and quarterly celebrations.
Advisory period: Our third through eighth graders are offered a weekly class period when students engage in lessons related to culture, behavior, current events, etc.
Academic Recognition
Academic success is our number one goal. We at InspireNOLA want to make being smart cool again.
Academic jackets: Similar to sports lettermen jackets, students can earn academic jackets for scoring mastery on state assessments. 
20+ ACT Club: We recognize our high school students who score a 20 or higher on the ACT  with a celebration and special school swag, including a club T-shirt.
Awards ceremonies: Each school regularly holds an awards ceremony that recognizes the growth, progress, and achievements of its students.

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