InspireNOLA Charter Schools operates a network of seven public charter schools in New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 2013, InspireNOLA is currently the highest performing charter management organization in New Orleans. In the 2019-20 academic year, InspireNOLA serves more than 5,000 students in prekindergarten through 12th grades. 

 In addition to providing rigorous, high-quality academic instruction, InspireNOLA is dedicated to educating the whole child and meeting their social, emotional, and physical needs through wraparound services. The holistic InspireNOLA educational program also includes enrichment classes, numerous extracurricular activities including sports and clubs, advisory classes, after-school programs, and off-campus learning activities such as field trips, college visits, and volunteer opportunities. The goal of InspireNOLA is not to teach skills; the goal of InspireNOLA is to create the future citizens and leaders of our city, state, and the world by transforming and inspiring and educational movement.

The 4 Pillars of InspireNOLA Schools:

 Positive Culture: The foundation of InspireNOLA schools is a strong, positive school. InspireNOLA schools focus on motivating students in a variety of ways that invest them in learning and success, including advisory periods, award ceremonies, academic letter jackets, and positive behavior incentives and celebrationsBecause we create a strong and positive school culture, InspireNOLA students feel safe and excited about coming to and being part of the family that is their InspireNOLA school.

 Academic Framework: InspireNOLA’s academic framework, which encompasses both teaching and learning, is crucial to our students’ current and future academic success. Intentional pacing, consistent lesson delivery, and targeted assessments are all components within the framework that is shared across all schools. InspireNOLA’s structured academic framework is one of the key’s to increased student achievement and proving that our students can and will learn at high levels. 

 Accountability: In order to ensure that all members of our schools are striving for and achieving at the highest level, accountability is an InspireNOLA pillar that promotes responsibility and ownership of success for all. By setting ambitious goals and holding all stakeholders accountable to them, InspireNOLA can ensure that we are collectively striving for excellence.  

 Continuous Growth: As an organization, both at the school and network level, InspireNOLA is committed to the continuous growth of our employees in order to develop and retain outstanding staff members. InspireNOLA utilizes the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) to develop instructional staff members, employs a Principal-in-Residence to cultivate future school leaders, and offers Tuition Reimbursement to provide assistance to those seeking certifications or degrees. InspireNOLA recognizes that one of our greatest assets are our staff members, and we are committed to growing and developing them so that they can best serve our students, both now and in the future.

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