Let’s Geaux to College event helps ready seniors for life after high school

Let’s Geaux to College event helps ready seniors for life after high school
Posted on 02/05/2021

More than 500 seniors got a sneak peek at what to expect from college life during InspireNOLA Charter School’s second annual “Let’s Geaux to College” event on January 28.


how to manage“Let’s Geaux to College day aims to help students navigate higher education by providing support based on their concerns and life aspirations,” Timolynn Sams, InspireNOLA’s Director of Community Engagement and event coordinator, said. “Our goal is to help students make informed decisions about their college plans.”


Seniors from Edna Karr, Eleanor McMain, and McDonogh 35 had the opportunity to attend three of nine virtual sessions, with topics focused on financial literacy and adapting to college life.


“Whatever you do in college, the goal is to graduate; everything else is extra,” R. Wayne Woodson, of Woodson & Associates, told participants.


The virtual interactive workshops gave students a chance to ask experts and current college students questions such as advice on balancing classes and sports, the best way to buy textbooks, and how scholarships are applied to college tuition.


“I see college as a chance to make a better life for myself and reach all of my goals,” Chasity J., a senior at Karr, said. “I know college is going to be very hard, but I’m getting a lot of tips to help me.”


Throughout the morning, workshop presenters shared their years of expertise, experience, and advice with students.


“College will be a great experience for you,” said Dr. Charles Prince, Chief Higher Education Officer at the Global Education Executives Corporation. “College will challenge you and reward you.”


Presenter Micah Williams told students to allow themselves time to adjust to college life.


“It’s going to be culture shock. It’s different and that’s okay,” he said. “Give yourself time. You’ll get used to it.”


Dr. Courtney E. Williams, Director of the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership at Dillard University, shared his belief that the key to success is designing your college experience.


“Build strong relationships and get involved,” he advised. “Join a student organization or even create your own. Put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone.”


Woodson agreed, encouraging students to take charge of their schedule and their lives.


“In college, you are the manager of your destiny. You manage what you do every day, good or bad,” he said. 


Presenter Shaquille K. Dillion, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at Wiley College told students that college is a time to grown.


“College is not hard. College is what you make it. It allows you to create the person you want to become,” he said. “Be open minded to everything around you and embrace it all. You have four to five years to determine the next 30-40 years of your life.”


Dr. Charles Prince agreed telling students college is a process of evolution.


“You can start anew and redefine yourself,” he said. “You are not going to be the same person when you walk in as you will be when you walk out.”



Let’s Geaux to College featured several workshops for students to choose from, including:


  • ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMIN'S: FINANCIAL AID 101: FAFSA aimed at helpings students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, presented by Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA)
  • IT’S A DIFFERENT WORLD: MANAGING YOUR TIME in College workshop provided participants with resources, information, and skills to address the importance of good time management to help keep the balance of life and school organized with R. Wayne Woodson
  • NAVIGATING THE UNIVERSITY WITHOUT A ROAD MAP provided some preparation and realistic expectations on topics such as finding a department, connecting with someone to talk to about an issue, and trying to figure out where you “fit” on campus. Mr. Shaquille Dilion, Wiley College
  • LISTEN NOW OR PAY LATER: STUDENT LOANS PITFALLS AND MONEY MANAGEMENT with Tiffany Harville helped students understand how to not accumulate student loan debit and manage their personal finances.
  • TOTO, I’VE A FEELING WE’RE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE: A CRASH COURSE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE COLLEGE VIRTUALLY offered guidance for making the leap from high school to college and adjusting to an entirely new environment with Dr. Charles Prince.
  • YOU AT COLLEGE: DESIGN YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE TO BE SUCCESSFUL in which students learned to maximize three areas of the college experience: Succeed (academic success and career preparedness), Thrive (physical and mental health) and Matter (a student’s purpose and connection to campus) with Dr. Courtney E. Williams of Dillard University.
  • APPLY & CHASE THE BAG gave students knowledge necessary for applying for college and acquiring scholarship by helping them identify relevant personal content about themselves that they can use to personalize and make their scholarship essays memorable.
  • CIVIC ENGAGEMENT IS THE ACT OF ELEVATING YOUR VOICE helped participants build their toolbox and learn how today’s student activists are expanding by bringing activism to the web Mr. J. Christopher Johnson


“We’d like to thank all our presenters and our students for making today a success,” Sams said. “The information shared is sure to assist our students prepare for and succeed on their journey to college and beyond.”