Teachers Dinner

Teachers honored for service, dedication
Posted on 02/10/2022

Nearly 50 InspireNOLA teachers were honored for their service and dedication to excellence at a Celebration of Excellence Dinner with CEO Jamar McKneely, InspireNOLA Chiefs and School Leaders.
Mr. McKneely offered his sincerest thanks to those present. “We’re in a very critical time with what’s happening to our students, our staff, and our community,” he said. “We appreciate you and all that you do. Without you, we’d fail.”
“Excellence isn’t something you can define; it’s who they are,” Capdau Principal Trikelle Otkins said of the honorees.
“You are the backbone of InspireNOLA. What you do with the kids impacts everything we do,” said Charlie Mackles, InspireNOLA CFO. “Thank you not just for InspireNOLA kids, but all kids. What you do effects every child and all the community.”

Congratulations Honorees!

McDonogh 35

  • Voltaire Casino
  • Joyce Wright
  • Patrick Neeley
  • Elizabeth Henke
  • Kirk Thomas

Pierre Capdau

  • Deanna Proctor
  • Ashleigh Grandpre
  • Adia Wise
  • Trynitha Fulton
  • Russell Shelton

Dwight Eisenhower

  • Brittany Batholomew
  • K’Shon Booke
  • Frederica Cressy
  • Fay Haynes
  • Tracey Johnson
  • Kimberly Brown Williams

Edna Karr

  • Cecil Catolos
  • Elizabeth Parker
  • Denise Ellis
  • Corisma Barnes
  • Chantel Pattin
  • Jason Hatt
  • Latoya Richardson
  • Donya Smith

Inspire 42

  • Tamara Horne
  • Nai Moore
  • Sherland Hart
  • Venice Murphy
  • Antonia Alsanders
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Latoiya Cains-Evans
  • Porsha Causey
  • Quinn Frenzel
  • Alexus London
  • Rosalyn Spencer

Eleanor McMain

  • Taheerah Britton
  • Emily Goodwin
  • Gerald Donsereaux
  • Tiffany Benjamin
  • Tracy Henderson
  • Connie Balee
  • Branden Hentrich

Alice Harte

  • Michelle Garnett
  • Brashon Dawkins
  • Deborah Reyes
  • Jarmahn Bright
  • Daria Russell
  • Felicia Bergeron
  • Brenda Irvin