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InspireNOLA has the privilege of serving 12% of the 48,000 students that attend New Orleans public schools, and that percentage continues to grow each year as our impact increases. InspireNOLA’s mission is to transform and inspire an educational movement, and we do so by preparing students for the future, even when we cannot predict the world of tomorrow. 

Together, we are facing an unprecedented crisis in our community. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re scaling student support, creating a holistic experience to serve our high-achieving student body.

Every student should have 360˚ of support to assist them in their academic learning, and to remove non-academic barriers that may impact their educational journey. 
InspireNOLA 360˚ is a fund that has been established to support InspireNOLA students and families impacted by life circumstances with resources and access to important support programs. Through this special fund, InspireNOLA aims to provide direct and immediate assistance to our students and their families.  

If you would like to donate to the InspireNOLA 360˚ click on the button below:  

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