Advance Academy

InspireNOLA launches Advance Academy
Posted on 02/21/2022

More than 200 students came out Saturday for the induction brunch for InspireNOLA Charter Schools Advance Academy. 

The Academy aims to accelerate students who are on track to score Mastery or Advanced on the LEAP test with well-rounded learning and enrichment activities. It will be piloted beginning in March with 400 InspireNOLA third through eight graders, with the expectation of expanding the effort throughout 2022-23.

"The InspireNOLA Advanced Academy is a place for hard-working students who want to learn and advance themselves both academically and creatively,” said Marvel L. Nolan, InspireNOLA District MTSS Coordinator.

Advance Academy brunchHeld at Harte and Wilson campuses, students attending the Academy will have a morning filled with advanced math and ELA, Brain Power Hour, Problem of the week, and an assembly/inspirational activities. These activities may range from book battles and community service to financial planning and Quiz Bowl. Field trips are also in the works, dependent on COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Students will get exposure to an advanced, rigorous curriculum helping them earn high school credits while in middle school and putting them on track to obtain college credits during their high school years,” Nolan said.

Besides increasing LEAP scores, the goal is to prepare participates for induction into the National Elementary Honor Society or National Junior Honor Society at the end of the program.

The Academy’s mission is to provide enriching opportunities to empower scholars to maximize their potential in becoming critical thinkers, productive citizens, and life-long learns.

“We want to have fun while we are learning,” Nolan said, “and we want to learn while we are having fun!"