Elementary schools surpass state average

InspireNOLA elementary schools surpass state average for student progress
Posted on 08/27/2019

NEW ORLEANS — The Louisiana Department of Education released the results of the 2018-2019 LEAP 2025 Student Progress report today, and InspireNOLA Charter elementary schools are outperforming the state average for progress in ELA and math.

Alice Harte, Dwight Eisenhower, Andrew Wilson, and 42 Charter School had a combined average of 65 percent of students demonstrating top progress in math, far exceeding the state average of 44 percent. While the state average for ELA progress was 47 percent, InspireNOLA elementary schools showed 57 percent demonstrating top growth.

“The progress our students are making is phenomenal,” said InspireNOLA CEO Jamar McKneely. “These numbers are the result of the commitment of our scholars to succeed and the dedication of our faculty and staff to help them reach their goals.”

Every year, the state assigns each student a growth target to meet. As part of the LEAP results, LDOE charts how each student performs one year to the next and how many students reach their target growth.

Eisenhower achieved the highest progress percentages among all open admissions elementary schools across the city in both ELA and math. In fact, InspireNOLA schools claimed four out the top five spots ranking progress in math for open admissions elementary schools in New Orleans.

All three of InspireNOLA’s transformation elementary schools (Dwight Eisenhower, 42 Charter, and Andrew Wilson) were recognized by LDOE as “Outstanding Schools in Greater New Orleans” for top percentage growth in ELA and math.

“This is just one more example that the future success of our city’s scholars is not dictated by past schools’ performance,” McKneely said. “Give students the necessary tools and they will step up and shine.”