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1. How do I apply and how long is the interview process?
       a. Please see the “How do I join” page for information on how to apply for a position with InspireNOLA and the interview process.
2. What positions are available for next school year?
       a. Please see our available positions at the Apply Here page.
3. Do you have to be certified in order to teach with InspireNOLA?
       a. In general, teaching certification is strongly preferred but not required to teach with InspireNOLA. There are some other specific roles that do require certain types                     of certification.
4. What other requirements do you need to teach with InspireNOLA?
        a. We look for teachers that preferably have at least 2 or more years of lead teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree, a belief in the mission and values of InspireNOLA,                  a proven success raising the achievement levels of historically under-served students, an expertise in your content area along with strong classroom management                          skills, the ability to work collaboratively with school team, families, and community members, and a desire to continuously improve instructional practice and engage                   in ongoing professional development
5. Do you hire first-year teachers or those new to the profession?
         a. As mentioned in the previous question, we typically select candidates with 2 or more years of teaching experience. However, we do hire a limited amount of first-year                 teachers who usually fall into one of these categories: have completed a traditional teacher training program and student teaching or have completed an alternative                      teacher training program leading to certification.
6. How much is a teacher’s salary?
         a. Our competitive salary schedule is directly based on years of relevant experience, certification status, and level of degree.
7. How are teachers evaluated?
        a. Teachers are evaluated using the TAP evaluation model adapted from the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET).
8. Where are your schools located?
         a. All of our schools are located in the city of New Orleans. For the 20-21 school year, we will have 5 schools on the East Bank and 3 on the West Bank of the city. For                    specific locations, please see the “Our Schools” page for links to each school’s website.
9. What type of benefits do you offer?
         a. InspireNOLA offers the following available types of insurance: medical, vision, life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, long and short-term disability. We                    also offer a tuition reimbursement program, annual leave in addition to federal holidays, fall break, Mardi Gras break, spring break, and summer vacation, annual                            health and wellness clinics, and contribution in TRSL.
10. Do you participate in TRSL (Teacher’s Retirement System of Louisiana)?
          a. Yes, all InspireNOLA contributes to TRSL and all employees must contribute as well. 
11. What kinds of professional development do you offer?
           a. We offer a number of ongoing opportunities for professional development including the following: weekly content area cluster meetings, network-wide summer PD                      the week before school starts, quarterly school-wide PD days, and additional external professional development based on need and approval.

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