Teaching at InspireNOLA

Teaching at InspireNOLADefying the odds and starting an education revolution requires teachers and staff who aren’t afraid to be innovative and unique in their thoughts, actions, and methodology. We are looking for the best educators to help us continue to prepare the youth of this city to be the great leaders of tomorrow.

Teaching isn’t solely about the curriculum, though academic success is and will always remain our number one focus. It is also about inspiring our students by exposing them to opportunities and people reflective of them who have done great things for themselves and their communities. It's opening students up to possibilities they may have never considered.

Our academic model focuses on rigorous instructional content and high student engagement in lessons and learning. Our elementary classes are stratified based on data, and instruction in specific subjects and standards is based on strengths and weaknesses. We also personalize learning for our scholars.

It is about changing the status quo. It’s engaging students in meaningful lessons both in and out of the classroom. It’s about including the community in the process. Teaching about a city coming together to secure the future the youth of New Orleans deserve.

We expect our educators to excel in all they do. To make sure we continue to be at the forefront of the education revolution, we offer ongoing professional development for all employees; coaching and mentoring; leadership opportunities; and so much more.

We also offer a comprehensive, competitive benefits package that includes participation in the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana, deferred compensation options, tuition reimbursement, a variety of insurance options, and so much more!

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