About InspireNOLA Charter Schools

Defying the Odds

This is what we do every day at InspireNOLA Charter Schools.

Founded in 2013, InspireNOLA is one of the highest-performing charter management organizations in New Orleans. In the 2023-24 academic year, InspireNOLA serves more than 5,600 students in prekindergarten through 12th grades in seven public charter schools: Alice Harte, Andrew Wilson, Dwight EisenhowerPierre Capdau, Edna Karr, Eleanor McMain, and McDonogh 35.

In addition to providing rigorous, high-quality academic instruction, InspireNOLA is dedicated to educating the whole child and meeting their social, emotional, and physical needs through wraparound services. The holistic InspireNOLA educational program also includes enrichment classes, numerous extracurricular activities including sports and clubs, advisory classes, after-school programs, and off-campus learning activities such as field trips, college visits, and volunteer opportunities.

InspireNOLA students are proven leaders in our schools and in our city, with several students heading initiatives in their communities, including rallies against youth violence and marches for social justice. 

Our students at InspireNOLA don’t just face the odds; they defy them.