Board Agendas

Please see below for links to the most up-to-date agendas for our Board of Directors Meetings. All older agendas can be found in the document container in the section below.


August 10 Finance Committee Agenda

August 9 Academic Committee Agenda

June 27 Public Budget Hearing Agenda

June 27 Board Meeting Agenda

June 8 Finance Committee Agenda

May 23 Special Board Meeting

April 25 Board Meeting Agenda

April 6 Finance Committee Agenda

April 5 Academic Committee Meeting

April 5 CEO Evaluation Committee Meeting

February 21 Board Agenda

February 8 Academic Committee Agenda

February 9 Finance Committee Agenda


January 26 Academic Committee Agenda

January 27 Finance Committee Agenda

February 8 Board Meeting Agenda

April 13 Academic Committee Agenda

April 14 Finance Committee Agenda

April 26 Board Meeting Agenda

June 16 Finance Committee Agenda

 June 28 Public Budget Hearing Agenda

June 28 Board Meeting Agenda

July 24 Board Retreat Agenda

August 10 Academic Committee Agenda

August 11 Finance Committee Agenda

August 23 Board Meeting Agenda

October 5 Academic Committee Agenda

October 13 Finance Committee Agenda

October 25 Board Agenda

November 30 Academic Committee Agenda

December 1 Finance Committee Agenda  (The InspireNOLA Finance Committee meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st has been postponed. The Finance Committee will now meet on Monday, December 13th at 4:45 pm, before the December Board meeting at 5:30 pm the same day.)

December 13 Finance Committee Agenda- originally scheduled for 12/1

December 13 Board Meeting Agenda



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