Focus on student success

InspireNOLA focuses on holistic learning for student success
Posted on 08/05/2021

Student success is the number one goal of InspireNOLA Charter Schools. 

Like most other schools nationwide, InspireNOLA is faced with overcoming obstacles presented by 18 months of virtual and/or hybrid learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is rising to the challenge of combating learning loss by enacting several academic initiatives and programming, as well as focusing on the child as a whole.

“We know our students have been through a lot this last year and a half, not only with the pandemic but also violence in our community,” InspireNOLA CEO Jamar McKneely said. “Our first priority is to ensure the health, wellness, and safety of our students so that they can be present to learn and succeed in the classroom.”

Some of these measures include partnering with Ochsner and DePaul Health Center to host COVID-19 vaccination events to make sure staff, students, and their families have access to the vaccine should they wish to get it.

“We know that wearing masks and getting vaccinated are two of the most powerful things we can do to combat this virus,” McKneely said. “We encourage everyone who is eligible to get the shot to do so, not only to protect themselves but our community as a whole. It is vital to the youth of this city and their futures that we take the steps we can to ensure schools remain a safe environment so that students can continue in-person learning.”

Schools in the network will also be focused on meeting the mental health needs of students through trauma-informed supports. Additional wellness services and providers such as school social workers, psychologists, nurses, and on-site health clinics will be available to students.

This summer, InspireNOLA offered all students the opportunity to attend its Inspire Higher Summer Learning Program, which offered a focus on core curriculum and enrichment classes. More than 1500 students participated in the four-week intensive program.

InspireNOLA is also launching a networkwide literacy campaign focusing on reading fluency, comprehension, and writing skills while also  prioritizing college and career readiness opportunities and skills for its older students.

“Our goal is to provide student experiences that lead to joy, a love of learning, and an overall preparedness for life,” InspireNOLA Chief Academic Officer Wylene Sorapuru said.