InspireNOLA LEAP scores show transformation is possible

Posted on 07/29/2019

InspireNOLA scholars prove that history doesn't dictate future as three of the network's kindergarten through eighth grade schools continue to transform and thrive.

The Louisiana Department of Education released the 2018-19 LEAP standardized assessments results last week, confirming that InspireNOLA students -- with the help of a dedicated staff -- are rising to the challenge of success.

"We had a laser focus on making sure all students' needs were met and on building a positive school culture where every child felt safe, supported, and ready to learn. We are thrilled at our students' accomplishments as our teachers and staff prepare them to be the next leaders of our city," Jamar McKneely, InspireNOLA Chief Executive Officer, said.

Wilson Charter School, 42 Charter School, and Dwight D. Eisenhower Charter School have all shown incredible growth this year. Eisenhower and 42 are two of the top three growth schools in the city this year, with Wilson close behind.

In its first year as part of the InspireNOLA network, Dwight D. Eisenhower made a remarkable 9 percentage points increase in mastery and above, one of the top growth scores in the city.

"We are elated that our scholars at Eisenhower performed so well," said Dr. Wylene Sorapuru, Chief Academic Officer at InspireNOLA. "This success shows the dedicated effort of our staff and our hard-working students, and we can't wait to see what they can accomplish this school year."

42 Charter School scores increased by 7 percentage points in mastery and above in its second year as part of InspireNOLA. This also is the second year that 42 has grown 7 percentage points, an amazing feat when average achievement in the New Orleans has been stagnant.

"We are extremely proud of our scholars' excellent academic progress. This growth is a result of an awesome team effort. Our teachers and staff are the difference makers that drive these results, and we have brilliant scholars and dedicated families. We all worked together this year to achieve these gains," said Principal Jared Lamb. "We are excited about the positive momentum happening across our campus, and we look forward to continued success at Inspire 42."

Wilson Charter School scholars increased their mastery and above rates by 3 percentage points this year. This is the fourth straight year Wilson has shown growth under InspireNOLA's direction. Wilson is now ranked within the top third of New Orleans elementary schools as measured by LEAP performance.

"I've always said the number one value in a school is its teachers, and the number one asset is the students," said Lee Green, who served as Wilson's principal for the past four years. "It's a combination of the teachers, students, and leaders putting forth all this effort that has allowed our mastery rate to continue to grow every year."


Once again, Alice M. Harte Charter School was ranked one of the top 10 in the city for scoring mastery and above, producing results higher than both the city and state averages.

Particularly of note are the results of Harte middle school scholars.

In math, Harte students in sixth grade scored 14 percentage points higher than the state average; 31 percentage points higher for seventh grade; and 20 percentage points higher in eighth grade.

In ELA, Harte seventh graders scored 18 percentage points higher than the state average, and eighth grade scored 25 percentage points higher.

"Our students continue to show that transformation is possible, and that history doesn't determine a student's ability to succeed in the future," McKneely said. "I have no doubt our faculty, students, and staff will remain focused this year, as always, as they strive for and achieve growth. I am excited to see our scholars continue to excel because of this dedication and hard work."