Board Membership Policy

Orleans Parish School Board Policy HA states:

At least sixty percent (60%) of the members of each governing board shall reside (legal domicile) in Orleans Parish, including at least one parent or legal guardian of one or more students currently enrolled at any school operated by that governing board in Orleans Parish. The parent or legal guardian requirement may also be satisfied by a recent graduate (within the past 5 years) or the parent/guardian of a recent graduate (within the past 3 years) of a school in Orleans Parish operated by that governing board. Each charter school shall be required to fully comply with the requirement of this subparagraph upon the next renewal of the school’s charter contract, and prior to that time shall fill board member vacancies and make new board member appointments with Orleans Parish residents, if the board’s membership is comprised of less than sixty percent (60%) residents of Orleans Parish.

In accordance with this policy, InspireNOLA Charter Schools Governance/Legal and Nominating Committees shall review nominations for individuals who comply with the above-stated requirements. The Committees will present qualified candidates to the full board for consideration for board membership.