College Enrollment Steps

Enrollment Next Steps

Step 1- Confirm Your Enrollment
This is how you inform your college that you are attending their school this fall. It is done differently based on your college and sometimes may require sending an enrollment deposit or form.
Important Note: Check with InspireNOLA’s partnership with Dillard University, Mississippi Valley State University, Southern University at New Orleans, Louisiana Education Program at ULL, and Wiley College on possible enrollment fee assistance. 

Step 2- Apply for Housing 
Apply for housing through your online portal or the housing website. To find the site, google the name of your college + "housing."
Your college may give you options for different dorms. If that is the case, the housing page on your college website will provide information on the different residences, including pricing.
Pay housing application fee (this is a mandatory fee that is non-refundable). Instructions for how to do this will be on the housing application.
Submit a housing deposit (where applicable) to secure your place on campus. Instructions for how to do this will be on the housing application, in your email, or on the housing page of your college website.

Step 3- Set Up and Log Into Your College Portal 
You should have received an email from your college about your portal credentials. If you're unable to find the email, you can always go to the login page for your portal and request help.
Download the mobile app for your portal as well to view it on your phone.

Step 4- Set Up and Log Into Your College Email 
Most colleges send instructions for setting up your college email by sending you a message to your high school email address (or the email address you used to apply to their school). If you can't find the email, you can always google the name of your college + "email account" and the link should be in the first few results.
Once you set up your account, regularly check your new email for any announcements or messages that require action.
Ensure that you are able to access your college email account on your phone with notifications so you don’t miss any important emails.

Step 5- Complete ALL Financial Aid Paperwork 
Confirm that your FAFSA has been completed and sent to your college.
You can view which colleges have received your FAFSA through your Student Aid Report. If you are unsure how to view your SAR, please go to the Financial Aid page of this website in the section "After the FAFSA: SAR Review + FAFSA Completion."
Complete and submit any necessary financial aid verification forms requested from your financial aid office.
Check your email(s) for any messages and next steps from your college.
Log into your college portal and view all tabs in the FINANCIAL AID section. Complete any steps and forms that they require.
Sometimes, the steps in your portal can be confusing. If this is the case, please reach out to your college counselor, or call the Office of Financial Aid at your college (just google the name of your college + "financial aid" and look for a phone number), or reach out to CA Next at [email protected] for assistance.
Accept your award offer in your online portal or by signing/submitting the paper copy mailed to your home.
Register for work study through your college’s financial aid office. If you are unsure how to do this, google the name of your college + "work study" and it should provide you with the steps. If that does not work, you can contact your college's Office of Financial aid (just google the name of your college + "financial aid" and look for a phone number).
If you are taking out any federal loans, complete loan counseling and sign Master Promissory Note.  Instructions on how to do this are on the Financial Aid page of this website in the section "Loan Counseling and MPN."

Step 6- Register for Orientation 
Most colleges have mandatory freshmen orientation that all students must participate in before the start of school.
Register for orientation. You should have received directions in your college email or you can google the name of your college + "freshman orientation."
Where applicable, pay for orientation. Instructions for payment should be on the orientation registration form on the college's website.
Be sure to secure transportation and mark the date(s) of orientation in your calendar.

Step 7- Submit Immunization Records 
Check to see if your immunization records are with your physician. If they’re not, schedule an appointment to get your most recent shots.
If you plan to attend Delgado, Nunez, or Northshore Tech, you may complete their Immunization Waiver.

Step 8- Register for Classes 
Many colleges have students meet with their academic advisor and register for classes at freshman orientation.
At Delgado, students make an appointment with their advisor based on their major. You can find your advisor and schedule an appointment through their website here.

Step 9- Applicable for Dual Enrollment and AP Eligible Students
If you were enrolled in dual enrollment, an AP class or have earned TOPS, you have additional steps.

Dual Enrollment: Request your college transcript from the school in which you are enrolled for dual enrollment classes. 

Advanced Placement: Confirm your AP Scores were sent to your college through the College Board. If you’re unsure or you need to have them sent see directions here.

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to college and are on your way to setting foot on your college campus, attending orientation and preparing for class. Enrollment Steps are the various to-dos all college students must complete before school starts in the fall. Think of it like a to-do list that ensures you are set up for success.